Get hired faster

(one month of job loss costs $269 daily at $70K salary and $385 daily at $100K)

Contact me and let’s discuss the best service or career bundle to meet your needs. Pricing based on career level, years of employment, target position, and rush fee (when applicable). Quote provided during initial consultation and valid for 90 days.


* Captures the reader’s attention in seconds with concise and job-grabbing content.

* Makes you better prepared for job interviews as you’ll have documented speaking points.

Validates why you’re worth a higher salary by sharing result-based achievements.

* Recruiters deem applicants with a professional resume “to be worth 7% more” (Glassdoor).

*It can put more money in your pocket sooner by reducing the length of your job search.


While some colleagues have a team of writers and ghostwriters, you get me. I carefully curate a custom resume specific to you. No template. No outsourcing. You work one-on-one with me.


A modern resume that makes a strong first impression with a strategic design showcasing career achievements relevant to your next position. We’ll work through up to three rounds of revisions until you are satisfied with your new resume. Your document will:

✔ Be persuasive using personal branding and value-add strategies.

✔ Be optimized with the right keywords.

✔ Be delivered as a Word file (and .PDF when requested).

✔ Be simple to edit and align to each position you pursue.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates … even professionals not actively looking can be found when your profile is engaging, informative, and keyword optimized.

Your LinkedIn profile content is a separate document that, like the resume, emphasizes career accomplishments and is keyword optimized but written in a more personal, first-person tone.


Option One –  Full LinkedIn Service:

A Word file filled with content and recommendations for an outstanding profile that complements your resume and brand image. The average full LinkedIn profile document is nine pages and includes:

✔ Multiple Headline options (max of five)

✔ Comprehensive About section

✔ Content for up to five Experience sections

✔ Additions/deletions/revisions to Skills list

✔ Plus … full review with recommendations for other profile sections and job search tips.


Option Two –  Mini-LinkedIn Service:

✔ Two Headline options

✔ Comprehensive About section

✔ Content for most recent work Experience (one job only)

✔ Recommendations for top three Skills list



Other options include a recruiter letter, direct mail letter, networking letter, and thank you letter.


✔ A one-page cover letter replicating the visual brand of your resume (excludes the e-note).

A Word file that is easy to edit and customize to each potential employer.




Reference Page … A great reference page includes a short description of the relationship between yourself and each reference to guide the dialogue between the reference being contacted and the recruiter/employer representative.

LinkedIn Coaching … Not everyone is a techie but we’re all teachable. If you need a little guidance, I offer a 60-minute Zoom coaching call with screenshare to provide a deeper understanding of the platform, key features, and answers questions.

Other Services … Thank you letters (requires post-interview phone call) — Written Biography (one-page with headshot) — Additional resume summaries (written for specific audiences).


Hiring a professional resume writer is an investment with tremendous ROI.